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Incentives to soft mobilities

Soft mobility? This is all the cleanest ways of transportation about environment, that produces the least possible amount of greenhouse gases. Cycling, walking, public transports are soft mobilities. How to highlight? In order to make…
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Velo Star for CMP

The CMP (Company Mobility Plan) The PDE is a combination of measures that optimise transport options linked to professional activities by favouring the usage of alternatives in place of the individual use of cars. In…
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Have a meadow, or a field and associate it with the promotion of eco-mobility and economic development Fields allow tourist accommodation businesses to enter new networks, such as Horse B&B or Rando Accueil, among others. By…
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Bicycle availability for cleaner transport

Bicycle rides are good for health and environment! Many hoteliers have noticed the importance of being able to offer bicycles to their clients, either free of charge or at a low rental rate. The most…
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