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Windows / Walls out of recycled bottles

Learn more about this HopSolution by watching the video above with Black Sheep Inn Ecolodge in Ecuador.
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Cesto de basura hecho con llanta

Recycled tire bin

The tire, such a story! In 1887, it is a veterinarian, Mr. John Boyd Dunlop, who invented the tire; but it was a French in 1830, who dressed for the first time a vehicle wheel…
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Rosita, SIPAM Farmer, Island of Chiloe, Ancud, Chili

Cosmetics with apple seeds

From a little apple seed to a cosmetic At the hotel Lecoq-Gadby they have developed their own range of cosmetic products for their spa, made from apple seed oil. The seeds are collected and the…
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Recyclage pâtissier

Recycling egg whites into meringues

Recycling pastry, from abandoned egg whites into meringues What to do with egg whites, often thrown away when you make “crème brulée”? Indeed, most of the time they are discarded because only the yellow of the…
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Floor covering with peach stones

At the Auberge des VoyaJoueurs, the terrace floor covering is made out of… crushed peach stones ! A great way to revalue the waste for a very esthetic and comfy result. Anne-Sophie Hochet, the owner…
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