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Grande table, Sénégal

Sharing over a meal

The meals are surely made to eat, but it can also be a moment of exchange, a moment of sharing, a moment when we tell what we did today, a moment when we laugh, a…
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Le herbs garden du Brèvedent

Organic garden

Nothing could be easier than doing an organic garden especially if you are already involved in an ecological approach. Here are the steps: Select your seeds according to the season, luminosity of the location, the…
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Homemade bread

Who does not fall for the delicious smell of warm bread? Make your own bread is not that complicaed, with a (good) knack, Faire du pain, ce n’est pas si compliqué, en un (bon) tour…
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Homemade jam

You have the chance to own a garden with fruit trees? Or even some flowers? Instead of the same old fruit purees and pies, make your own jams that will delight your customers at breakfast! At…
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