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Local food supply chain

The local food supply chain or the reduction of distributor’s intermediaries The local systems are mainly related to farming products. The goal is to reduce intermediaries (maximum one) between producer and consumer. By reducing the…
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Calabash lampshade

How to temper a light source using local and natural materials (in the region where it makes sense…!), cheap, and creating local employement? Using calabash lampshade! Aesthetic, ecological, customizable, they have everything to be loved….
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Le herbs garden du Brèvedent

Organic garden

Nothing could be easier than doing an organic garden especially if you are already involved in an ecological approach. Here are the steps: Select your seeds according to the season, luminosity of the location, the…
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Support a local foundation

How can your hotel support an initiative for biodiversity? In the case of Finca Exotica Ecolodge, in Costa Rica, the sea turtles conservation Cotorco program is supported through : Offering to hotel guests the « sea turtles »…
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La boutique de La Rhonie


Agritourism, from generation to generation Before being a receptive structure, the Domaine de la Rhonie, was producing milk and tobacco forty years ago.Therefore, it is only natural , almost unconsciously, that the Domain, turned to agrotourism throughout…
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