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Parterre fleuri

Delay grass cutting

Refuge zones: less grass cut, nature preserved Late grass cutting or green space management is not the absence of lawn mowers but an adjustment to ground maintenance which is adapted around plant growth.  These interventions…
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De gauche à droite : Mahery, Justine, Jacques, Véronique, Anne-Sophie

Hôtel LeCoq Gadby

LeCoq Gadby, sustainable tourism pioneer in Brittany and in France Founded 110 years ago, Lecoq-Gadby was one of the first hotel to get an ecological label in France. The hotel consists of two buildings : The one…
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Educational garden

Antoine Reis
Put down on a small board the name of the vegetable to keep inform your visitors. When we are lucky to get a garden, we want to increase its value and show its richness. And…
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For the love of a blackberry

Issue At the Eco-Logis of Ensarnaut, Marianne and Christian are willing to dress their west frontage of the cottage that is exposed to the rain, to the wind and to the sun, in a natural way….
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Natural Weeding

Car parks, alleys and drivable routes often are quickly covered with what we call weeds (“bad grass”). Please firstly note that bad grass does not really exist. We name it bad grass because they grow at the…
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A Keyhole The Keyhole is a vegetable garden in the shape of a key hole which has been put in place in Africa by Send a Cow association. Indeed, this vegetable skill allows to grow…
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Refuge à papillons

Butterflies sanctuary

Installing a butterflies sanctuary highlights the environmental heritage, educate tourists to the increasing scarcity and beauty of butterflies and thus contribute to the ecosystem. Butterflies are pollinators, as well as bees, and therefore a major component…
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Solar Hotel

Capacity : 48 beds Labels : European eco-label, La Clef Verte (“The Green Key”) Franck Laval, the Solar Hotel’s owner, has been an environmental activist for over 30 years. He is volunteer for GreenPeace, former leader of the…
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