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Case de Santé, Sénégal

Support a health care mutual

Health coulb be considered as a universal right, and yet, many people don’t have access to health care, because of a lack of means. In th village of Sandicolu, in Senegal, women implemented a villager…
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Pansement, Santé

Health products brought by travelers

Claudine is an owner of a “campement” in Senegal, in the Saloum’s Delta: the Campement du Niombato. Claudine is also a nurse. Therefore, beside the tourist activity, she takes care of the bandages the villagers…
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Rosita, SIPAM Farmer, Island of Chiloe, Ancud, Chili

Cosmetics with apple seeds

From a little apple seed to a cosmetic At the hotel Lecoq-Gadby they have developed their own range of cosmetic products for their spa, made from apple seed oil. The seeds are collected and the…
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