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Case de Santé, Sénégal

Support a health care mutual

Health coulb be considered as a universal right, and yet, many people don’t have access to health care, because of a lack of means. In th village of Sandicolu, in Senegal, women implemented a villager…
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Fête, Sénégal

Development contribution

Some tourism facilities, tour operators or hotels, implemented a development contribution, directly paid by the travelers, that is used to finance development projects in the locality. For example, a traveler who is going in a…
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Femmes, Sandicoly

Donate part of the turnover to a collective

Part of Yokam’s turnover, when it is important enough, is donated to a group of women (in Senegal, it is often women who are in charge, specially when it comes to manoey) from the village…
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Rewards for the best students

At Yokam, it is unthinkable to develop tourism if it doesn’t benefit to local populations. One of the good practices they have implemented is to encourage the students to be good students by giving prices…
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