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Isolation en laine de mouton

Sheep’s wool insulation

Some notions Sheep’s wool is used both : for thermal insulation than soundproofing. for attics insulation, creepings, floorings, ceilings, or walls. Please note that it is however recommended to use it for horizontal surfaces than vertical…
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laine de chanvre

Hemp insulation

Some notions Hemp has been used by humans for thousands of years. Its cultivation requires no pesticides or insecticides and even cleans the air because during its growth, it assimilates CO2. Thus, hemp insulation contains no…
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Plaque de Fermacell

Fermacell Boards

Some notions Les plaques de Fermacell boards are  composed of 80% gypsum (sedimentary rock component of plaster) reinforced with cellulose fiber, derived from recycled paper (20%), without chemical additives. The  mixture of these natural components with…
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