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What is a Biodigestion system? A biodigester transforms organic waste (kitchen or garden, for example) into soil conditioner on one side and biogas on the other side. The soil conditioner called “Biol” offers many benefits:…
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Calentador por Condensación

Condensing boiler

The condensing boiler can reduce gas consumption up to 35%. Carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides from combustion of natural gas, fuel oil or propane, are toxic and environmentally harmful gases. Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions is…
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Le poêle à granulés

Pellet stove

How to heat rooms of 20, 50, 100 or 200 square meters in an energy efficient way? The pellet stove is an excellent alternative to electric heating, which has a heavy consumption in energy. It is…
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Solar water heater

Florie Thielin
Are you lucky enough to be in a very sunny area? Take advantage of solar energy to heat up your water! Very basic “do it yourself” technique: Do like Harvey at Saladero Ecolodge, wrap a black…
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