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Produits d'accueil classiques

Soap dispensers

Soap dispensers, saving waste Many of us remember being a kid (or a grown up !) and collecting the little soaps from the hotels we would stay in with our parents (or friends !). But that…
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sablier sous la douche

The shower timer

An hourglass can save up to 50% of water consumption in the shower! 30 to 50% water savings in the shower! With a simple and easily available hourglass, you can halve the duration of your…
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une notice de sensibilisation particulière

Go wee in the shower, a flush saved !

Toilet flush: the main use of water We are all aware of it now; there are 9 litters of water that is gone every time we flush. Toilet flush is even the first expense in…
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Soap recycling

Detergent savings thanks to tablets of soap! It’s during an unexpected stop at the Puy-en-Velay that we exchanged words with the owner of the Dyke Hotel, located on one of the main streets of the city….
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