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Local food supply chain

The local food supply chain or the reduction of distributor’s intermediaries The local systems are mainly related to farming products. The goal is to reduce intermediaries (maximum one) between producer and consumer. By reducing the…
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Olga, Hostel La Serrana, Salento, Colombia

Make Homemade Yogurt

Florie Thielin
Make Your Own Homemade Yogurt: Local and Natural! Watch the video above to find out the recipe followed by the eco-hostel La Serrena (Colombia) and Olga tricks explained while she is doing it! Olga, Eco-hostel La…
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Homemade bread

Who does not fall for the delicious smell of warm bread? Make your own bread is not that complicaed, with a (good) knack, Faire du pain, ce n’est pas si compliqué, en un (bon) tour…
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