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Many responsible tourism stakeholders are small and medium enterprises that often have limited knowledge in marketing. Thus, creating economic value and extending it to potential visitors can be quite a task. How to go about it?

Rather than quote grand theories, this manual aims to guide tourism companies in developing a marketing action plan that consists of general and internet-based marketing strategies.

This free eBook is composed of a series of questions and answers to guide tourism entrepreneurs in the essential task of self-assessment and determining a simple step-by-step marketing action plan.  It is easily accessible and shares the know-how we have gained through comprehensive field experience. The manual is a continuous work in progress, and everyone is invited to improve it. Contact us!

For a more detailed introduction:

Step by step...

Are you just getting started in tourism? Do you already know the basics? Would you like to create a complete and efficient marketing strategy? Simply follow the different chapters of this manual:

Free to share

This content was produced with the intention of being openly utilised by the public, to help the progress of the responsible tourism sector. It may be broadcast and distributed freely, as long as there are no modifications to the content and credit is given to its authors: Florie Thielin & Isabelle Rohan, Ambassadors Hopineo.

Would you like to co-produce pedagogical content ?

This marketing manual is the result of personal encounters, a willingness to share knowledge, and technical capacities on a semi-professional and professional basis. If you or your organisation are willing to associate yourselves with Hopineo to co-produce content that allows sharing knowledge and creating solutions that benefit responsible tourism, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help implement your MOOC, documentary, web documentary, or other projects, directly and indirectly via our partners.

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