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[HopSolutions] (n) : etymologically derived from the contraction of “Hopineo” and “Solutions”. Set of practical and proven solutions (know-how, best practices and innovations) to lead a responsible tourism; collected or prepared in the field by the HopTripers and HopHosts.

A field expertise dedicated to responsible tourism

This is the raison d’etre of Hopineo: gather and spread field solutions to push forward responsible tourism.

Whether you are a tourism professional, a traveller swapping your competencies with a HopHost, an institution, a local government or a training organization, those resources, collected by the travellers ou made by experts, are at your disposal!

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Multimédias files

Multimédias files

Videos learning module : the HopMOOC !

Jobs & Internships

Jobs & Internships

Check out the job & internship opportunities at Hopineo partners!

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