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WC with built-in washbowls

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Local benefits:

Save water, so eventually also money.

Travellers benefits:

Fun and convenient.

Benefits to the environment:

Less water spent in the toilets.


The toilet flush uses up a lot of (drinkable!) water

The WC is the main consumer of drinkable water (a third of our total consumption). One single flush requires 9L on average (and up to 18L for old equipments!). Since a single person uses the toilet four times a day, on average, it means 36L/individual!

In France, our toilets use a total of 100 billion liters of drinkable water.

To lower such consumption, there are several solutions: using rainwater in the flush, a dual-control flush, a dry latrine, monitoring one’s water consumption to indentify leaks and…

… WC with built-in washbowls

These toilets equipped with tiny washbowls above the flush tank are definitely a smart invention! The water used to wash your hands goes directly into the tank and is reused when you next activate the flush.

You don’t necessarily need to change the WC, since the mini washbowl can fit existing models (see those manufactured by Wici Concept for instance.)

Another advantage of this solution is that it’s space-saving!

Translated from French by Diane Cadiergue.


Wici Concept, French manufacturer

Castorama (French hardware store), Pack WC Dual.

More stylish in design (but more expensive!): Roca, le W+W.

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