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Recovering rain water

The recovery of rain water helps to make great savings. Today it is essential for professionals and home owners who have a garden or grow vegetables; the water collected can also be made useful in the home.

At Bruyeres d´Erquy, behind the B&B, far from the view of tourists, there are two tanks linked to the rain gutters through a simple piping system to collect the water. In Brittany it would be a shame not to do it!

This preciously recovered water allows for hosing down the exterior spaces and avoids using drinking water on flower beds, which don’t necessarily have the same needs as we humans!

In the future, Florence would like to equally be able to use the rain water, which she collects easily and in undeniable abundance, for the shared sanitary facilities. A simple, yet effective ´HopSolution´!

At the Solar Hotel they use large recycled plant pots…as opposed to big plastic tubs!

Learn more about this HopSolution by watching the video above with Rio Babilonia Hostel in Brazil.

Some useful information

For a 1m² roof, it is possible to recover close to 600 liters of rain water, on the rainy days and almost 40 liters whet it’s dry.

Also, rainwater is inherently anti-scale, economies are on cleaning products (water softeners, anti-tartar …) as well and on the longevity of appliances is better! Impact on the environment: less drinking water used for domestic purposes, and less pollution to groundwater since it uses fewer pollutants sanitary products.

Translated by : Holly Cooper Chima

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  • Annuaire Green takes a census of the places where it would be advisable to put water savers in place, in Brittany and elsewhere (in French).
  • Aide-mon-projet.com takes a census of available help such as financial for installing water savers in Brittany (in French).

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