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Village Banking & Microcredits

microcredit and tourism
microcredit and tourism

Local benefits:

Increases the capital of a neighboring community bank and thus facilitates small loan distribution for local development.

Travellers benefits:

Provides a better understanding on how the micro-credit system works.

Benefits to the environment:

In some areas, when people need money immediately, the simplest solution is to go cut down a tree illegally in a nearby primary forest for resale. Through microcredit, we can prevent these actions and their environmental impact.


Village Banking & Microcredits for local development

Discover how tourism can support community banking initiatives and microfinance programs/microcredit in the above video:

  • In Ecuador: Douglas McMeekin, Founder of Yachana Lodge & Foundation and Raúl Rodriguez, manager of the neighbor village of La Colonia Babahoyo.
  • In Peru: Walther Pancca and community-based tourism initiative ASTURS.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Inti Wasi Lodge, Lac Titicaca, Pérou ASTURS & Inti Wasi Lodge Community based tourism, Hotels & guest houses, Packages and tours rural, zone-temperee Peru Yes
Yachana Lodge, Rio Nap, Ecuador Yachana Lodge Community based tourism, Hotels & guest houses rural, zone-chaude Ecuador Yes

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