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Bicycle availability for cleaner transport

Vélo à disposition et notice explicative pour les transports en commun
Vélo à disposition et notice explicative pour les transports en commun

Local benefits:

  • Improve your attractiveness.
  • Open your facility to a specific type of clientele.
  • Anchor your positioning on the slow tourism.

Travellers benefits:

  • Discover the surrounding areas.
  • Maintain your health by moving and visiting.
  • Discover the joys of slow tourism.

Benefits to the environment:

  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.


Bicycle rides are good for health and environment!

Many hoteliers have noticed the importance of being able to offer bicycles to their clients, either free of charge or at a low rental rate.

The most practical way to discover your surroundings is by bicycle. It is all terrain, economic and ecological; permitting to do a bit of sport and particularly to discover nature or the village at a ´human pace´, with eyes open to the environment (in the first sense of the term) and not fixated on the road.

Florence, at Bruyères d’Erquy, offers them for rental in partnership with a local rental business; she does not have enough footfall to invest in bicycles yet .

Franck Laval, at Solar Hotel (the first 100% eco-hotel, in the heart of Paris), offers them free of charge.

In addition, the simple gesture of offering this mode of transportation raises awareness to the hotels clients, inviting them to think about their travel plans before each journey.

Translated from French by Holly Cooper Chima.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
A Little Eco Lodge rural Myanmar No
A Little Eco Lodge rural Myanmar No
Le Petit Liou Le Petit Liou Campings rural, montagne France Yes
Les Bruyères d'Erquy vista desde las habitaciones de los huespedes Les Bruyères d'Erquy Cottages & furnished rentals, Hotels & guest houses rural, mer France Yes
Solar Hotel Hotels & guest houses urbain France No

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