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Velo Star for CMP


Local benefits:

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging clients and employees to use bicycles.

Travellers benefits:

To implement a CMP (Company Mobility Plan), supplying the hotel customers and employees with membership cards that give access to the ´Vélo Star´self-service bicycles that are available to residents of Rennes.


The CMP (Company Mobility Plan)

The PDE is a combination of measures that optimise transport options linked to professional activities by favouring the usage of alternatives in place of the individual use of cars.

In Rennes, Véronique Bregeon has put one in place very quickly by handing out membership cards, giving access to the region´s self-service bicycles to both clientele and staff. Aside from reducing CO2 emissions, this measure also invites clients to explore the town in a different way. As we know, travelling slowly allows for a better discovery of the local patrimony,

A certain number of clients have been thrilled by the hotel´s initiative, which not only reflects the responsible image of the hotel but additionally optimises the pleasure taken in the touristic nature of their visit…

Translated from French by Holly Cooper Chima.

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