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Used batteries carried away by the traveler


Local benefits:

Less uncontrollable waste.

Travellers benefits:

Make themselves useful.

Benefits to the environment:

Less polluting waste released to the wild.


Batteries, a real danger

Did you know that, in France, only 32% of the sold batteries are recycled? And yet, it is a very polluting waste as it is compound of heavy metals, highly dangerous; which can be found in food if batteries are not recycled.

It is then highly recommended to recycle them!

In some countries, or in certain regions, used batteries remained unrecycled because the recycling branch simply does not exist. Consequently, these are often found in nature, sometimes buried, sometimes on the ground.

What can be done?

Some touristic structures have found part of a solution: to entrust a little bottle filled with batteries to the travelers, to be brought to the appropriate recycling centre, once they are back home or sometimes in the nearby town.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended to use rechargeable batteries.

Translated by Charlotte Le Goff

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