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The storyteller stick

Mahery avec Sophie et Basile
Mahery avec Sophie et Basile

Local benefits:

  • Attract a family clientele.
  • Valuing the territory and its traditions.
  • Activity for locals.

Travellers benefits:

  • Discovery of the local territory.
  • Activity for the whole family.

Benefits to the environment:

Activity without environmental impact that raises awareness on nature.


A pioneering and sustainable audioguide

In countryside accommodations or suitable for hiking and walking out in the country, a stick can be provided to you to make it easier ; especially in the mountain or in rolling landscapes.

Imagine that this stick shows you what you are discovering as you go along, explains you the history of the area and the little assemblies that you see; in two words, relate stories and teach you.

This is the aim of this storyteller stick, invented for Domaine de la Rhonie, in Dordogne, by Protection of the environment and Organization of the territory BTS students.

The Domaine de la Rhonie stretches by more than 40 acres of fields and forests. Let’s just say that when you are staying out there, you cannot go all over. That’s a piece of luck, because Marie-Rose Ampoulange, the owner (8th generation!), set a 3 km tour up with current tastes allowing you to discover the place to be of the area.

The “total local”

Six posts in wood, made by a local carpenter with local wood, were put in place on strategic parts in the tour, lovely blend into the nature but easily perceptible. Each of those matches with a record of Marie-Rose’s father, former owner of the area, relating the customs of yesteryear, describing the surroundings, plunging you into a past not so far away from now and rich of learning.

Thus we learn that the big stream is in fact a canal, mainly created to supply the forge and the hydraulic electricity spinning, and to turn the windmill; that the pastoralism allowed the maintenance of the woods and fields; that the women sewed flannels, ancestor of our t-shirt, while the sheeps and ewes cleaned the undergrowth; also that the source soon blocked since used, was the only tap water supplying point of the area.

At the instigation of the students, the village turner agreed to play along to build the prototype of the storyteller stick. He even found himself calling his old electrician acquaintances to help them to put in place the audio disposal, a combination of a computer speaker, a MP3 player and two batteries.

Marie-Rose intends to make and provide three storyteller sticks to her customers. But thanks to the official presentation of the project during the sustainable development week, the village turner has already other needs and could even see his activity growing up very quickly…

As often, heritage promotion goes with local development!

Translated from French by : Clémence Duvent.


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Mahery in front of Domaine de la Rhonie Domaine de la Rhonie Hotels & guest houses, Restaurants & Co rural, zone-temperee France No

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