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The shower timer

sablier sous la douche
sablier sous la douche

Local benefits:

Reduce the water consumption when taking a shower.

Travellers benefits:

Install an hourglass on the wall, using a suction pad, to monitor the time spent in the shower.


An hourglass can save up to 50% of water consumption in the shower!

30 to 50% water savings in the shower! With a simple and easily available hourglass, you can halve the duration of your shower.

On average, we spend 7 to 10 minutes washing. Moreover, we have to admit that most people can’t help leaving the water run while they lather up. Never mind! By helping her customers to monitor the time spent in the shower, the owner of La Ville Heleuc has found an easy way of encouraging them to reduce water consumption.

Another HopSolution to match environment caring and savings: all good!

Translated from French by Diane Cadiergue.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Bienvenu à La Ville Heleuc Domaine de la Ville Heleuc Cottages & furnished rentals rural, zone-temperee France Yes


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