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The nature workshops

Local benefits:

  • Attract the family target.
  • Create social link.
  • Dynamize local life in rural area.

Travellers benefits:

  • Activity for all, fun and original.
  • Nature discovery.

Benefits to the environment:

Activity without environmental impact.


Marie-Rose, owner of the Domaine de la Rhonie, is facing a classical issue: how to attract families in her accomodation?

It is clear that the solution is to bring up activities to our very dear kids, so their parents are able to enjoy themselves and rest.

This is how our Nature workshops of Domaine de la Rhonie, were born, animated by Fran6co.

Oh Francis, such a figure ! Always naked feet, former architect; passionate of drawing, of aborigine tribes, of music, of tracking and of course, of nature.

These workshops do not have the single goal to let the parents having some room to rest. They enable children (and adults !) to awake to what surrounds them and also to get the children that live in the neighborhood closer to the tourists (it is a common fact that the immersion in the local life is important when you travel :)).

Each day of the week has a different theme!

Monday is the day of tracking, and Francis is unbeatable! His approach is to teach the participants how to think and how to create scenarios. Therefore, rather than saying “Look , it is a fox poop”, he prefers saying “to your opinion, is it an herbivorous or a carnivorous? Does the poop shape a carpet– that’s the jargon…- or a tube? Is this located in a poop pot – still jargon- ?” The participant will be able to be autonomous next time! Same thing for the prints, the coulees, the marks on the trees , the feathers lying around , the holes in the ground …

Tuesday is the day of the shacks! Who never dreamt of building a shelter with its own hands in the middle of the nature? Francis teaches how to do it, with natural materials of course: wood, leaves, hay.

Wednesday is dedicated to drawing. But beware, it is not about learning how to draw in general but how to awake your understanding to natural shapes, from the smallest details to the general landscape.

Thursday, let’s go maestro ! Francis teaches how, with natural materials as reed, dandelion or even a simple leaf, it is possible to create a flute, an oboe or a whistle. But music is not only instruments. Nature by itself is a real orchestra: wind, noise of the leaves within steps, birds, wood creasing…

And then, Friday is about the sling. The sling ? This is a hunting tool similar to the slingshot, but with chestnuts! Francis explains how to make your own sling with shoelaces and teaches the different techniques to use it and the security rules.

To sum up, employment creation, link from the tourists with the local population, learning of nature and of its respects: a resume of long lasting values for a reinforced harmony AND, of course, family customers gained.

Translated from French by Esther Boyer.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Mahery in front of Domaine de la Rhonie Domaine de la Rhonie Hotels & guest houses, Restaurants & Co rural, zone-temperee France No

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