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The FRESH System – Water on demand

Local benefits:

  • Improve working conditions for employees.
  • Cut costs on supply of mineral water.

Travellers benefits:

Access to purified water.

Benefits to the environment:

Waste reduction.


FRESH, pure water, still or fizzy, on demand!

Nordaq FRESH offers pure, high quality, fresh water; filtered straight from the reservoir by a Swedish procedure with or without added gas. The on-site bottling adds to citizen eco-awareness.

Nordaq installs machines in restaurants that allow the filtering of tap water, a supplementary treatment that gives it a pure taste. A carbon gas cartridge allows for water to be served still or fizzy on demand.

The Lecoq-Gadby hotel sees it as a double advantage:

  • To improve the work conditions for staff, as they no longer have to carry around crates of water.
  • To save on storage and on the cost (and the waste !) of bottled water.

Translated from French by : Holly Cooper Chima

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
De gauche à droite : Mahery, Justine, Jacques, Véronique, Anne-Sophie Hôtel LeCoq Gadby Hotels & guest houses urbain France Yes
Hôtel Valpré Valpre Hotel Hotels & guest houses urbain France No


See Inspire-Institut (only in french) to find out more about the FRESH system or directly from the distributor: Nordaqfresh.com (in English)

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