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Walls in terracotta

Murs terre cuite
Murs terre cuite

Local benefits:

Valuing the ancestral knowledge rammed earth construction.

Travellers benefits:

An lovely construction with very good thermal and sound insulation

Benefits to the environment:

Natural materials.


Terracotta, issued from raw material

The terracotta, coming from clay (natural product) is naturally insulated.  Moreover, it is antifungal and thus prevents the development of mildews, possesses fireproof property, is resistant to the heavy loads and to shocks and at last, emits only very few organic volatile composites.

Properties of a terracotta wall

Terracotta walls are not recent phenomenon. Essentially in the form of bricks, these present a strong inertia, which thus provides a regulation of the internal temperature.  As a reminder, inertia is the capacity of a material to stock then to return the heat with a time gap of 12H.

Thus, in the winter, the heat stocked by bricks during the day is restored at night, which reduces the consumption in heating.  In the same way, in summer, the bricks allow preserving freshness inside the building.

The terracotta meets the requirements of the RT2012.

At the Clos de Capitelles, it is the ceiling that was done in terracotta!

The construction in terracotta allows therefore a healthy habitat, with protected walls against mildews, incombustibles and furnishing an excellent thermal insulation.

Translated from French by : Valerie Kitanika.

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