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System of Fines and Tips for Everybody


Local benefits:

Increase team spirit, avoid tensions due to competition for the distribution of tips and/or when dishes are broken at the restaurant.

Travellers benefits:

Happier employees = better service.

Benefits to the environment:


Rocio Gomez De La Torre, Hosteria Mariposas, Mindo, Ecuador: “We have a system put into place where we ask employees to write down when they break a plate or a glass. It’s preferable for them to tell what they have broken and pay a “fine”. Why? Because with the money from the fines that we gather all along the year we organise a yearly trip for all of the employees. Thus, everyone gets to enjoy the fines and tips and there is no rivalries. The waiters do not fight over the tips and in the kitchen it doesn´t matter if something gets broken. This system helps to avoid the situation where everyone would say “I didn´t do it!”.”

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