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Sponsoring a school

Adopt a School Program Ka'Ana Resort Belize
Adopt a School Program Ka'Ana Resort Belize

Local benefits:

Participate in school improvement and therefore to a better education for the children of the village.

Travellers benefits:

An opportunity to participate too.

Benefits to the environment:

Also allow better environmental education, and therefore in the future, local people will be more receptive to environmental issues.


Initiate a school sponsoring program

School sponsoring, like the “Adopt a School” program of Ka’Ana Resort au Belize, allows to support the quality of care of schoolchildren.

Through such a sponsoring, the hotel can engage in:

  • Financing building renovation projects, partly or  entirely (classrooms, toilets, schoolyards…).
  • Financing or sending school supplies, directly or through the Pack for a Purpose program (if the school is located near the hotel). By joining the Pack for Purpose program, the hotel volunteers to collect scholar supplies brought by travelers, before to distribute them then to children.
  • Financing the purchase of computers,  or help the school to receive external donations.
  • Helping volunteering within the school, teaching or helping in any way. Volunteers can for example be hosted at the hotel if it is near the school, or the hotel can just mention the possibility of such a volunteering on its internet webpage.

Financing can be done with a direct donation from the hotel, but it is also possible to offer guests to donate through the hotel. For example, at Ka’Ana Resort the bar offers a cocktail whose entire income is used to support the school.

Translated from French by Guillaume Rey.

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If there is no school in need of sponsoring near your hotel, you can also support a school in another part of the world.

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