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Spelt ball pillow

Spelt ball pillow
Spelt ball pillow

Local benefits:

Provide customers comfortable bedding.

Travellers benefits:

Provide spelt ball pillows, comfortable and non-allergenic.


Pillows are essential for a good sleep.
Plant pillows are especially popular with allergy sufferers or those who wish to introduce a bit of nature in their habitat.

Spelt ball is non-allergenic, light and air permeable. This allows the absorption of heat and humidity is controlled continuously.
Also known for its calming and relaxing effects, the spelt ball offers a very good maintain and a natural comfort.

Some may be bothered (or rather cradled) by the small screech emitted when the spelt is moving and the grain odor. It is possible to add a few drops of essential oils.

In summary, choose spelt ball pillows is making a green choice (no pesticides, natural materials) and sustainable, and bring comfort to the greatest number.


Place the spelt ball pillow under the sun occasionally to regenerate the ball and lengthen its life.
When the pillow seems less effective in the maintenance, no need to change it, just change the filing!

It’s also possible to find, or to make, buckwheat, millet or cheery pits pillows.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Le Nid des Anges Le Nid des Anges Cottages & furnished rentals rural France No


  • Self-construction: € 4.50 for one kilo of spelt (found in your bio store), knowing that it takes about 1.7kg to make a 40x60cm pillow.
  • GreenWeez : spelt ball pillow 40x60cm – 55€

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