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Solar Water Bottle Bulbs

Solar Water Bottle
Solar Water Bottle

Local benefits:

Savings on electricity bills, teaching the solution to the local communities.

Travellers benefits:

A natural skylight during the day: travelers will certainly be intrigued by the smart concept!

Benefits to the environment:

Plastic bottle recycling, reduction of energy consumption.


Solar Bottle: a plastic bottle that replaces a 55 watt bulb

Harvey shares with us an ingenious idea that he has found on the Internet and that has since been implemented successfully in the Saladero Eco Lodge. The procedure is very simple:

  • Get a plastic bottle, fill it with water and a little bit of bleach.
  • Make a hole in the roof, insert the bottle halfway.
  • Hermetically seal the edges so that rainwater does not seep through the roof.
  • Ready! You have now a solar lamp that emits equivalent to a 55 watt bulb and will allow you to illuminate the room throughout the day light.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Saladero Ecolodge Campings, Hotels & guest houses mer, zone-chaude Costa Rica Yes

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