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Lanternes Solaires D.Light
Lanternes Solaires D.Light

Local benefits:

Use of solar energy: save money, no more need to buy batteries for torches.

Travellers benefits:

Free loan of a lantern during their stay for lighting at night.

Benefits to the environment:

No need to buy batteries (which the toxic liquid, too often not recycled, contaminates soils).


Do you know solar lanterns?

In Costa Rica, night falls at 17:30. Some lodges located in the heart of nature are sometimes so isolated that they are not connected to the electricity system. Travelers, then, need torches to go on night walk in the forest, or even just to walk from the restaurant to their room.

Traditional eletrical torches operate from batteries. If they are not collected by a recycling center, their toxic liquid unfortunately ends too often in nature, and contaminates the soil.

To avoid buying batteries, Saladero Ecolodge has invested in solar lanterns. Harvey and Susan chose d.light lanterns. This social enterprise is based in the US and has resellers worldwide.

For further information:


Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Saladero Ecolodge Campings, Hotels & guest houses mer, zone-chaude Costa Rica Yes


Supplier based in the United States with resellers throughout the world: www.dlightdesign.com

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