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Solar dryer for laundry

Sèche-Linge Solaire Arbol de Fuego
Sèche-Linge Solaire Arbol de Fuego

Local benefits:

Save energy, damage less the laundry, save money.

Travellers benefits:

Laundry in better condition.

Benefits to the environment:

Preserve natural ressources.


A solar dryer to save energy

In order to avoid using an electrical dryer (high energy consumer), fit out a place where linen can dry quickly thanks to sun rays.

In order to protect linen from the sun rays, sometimes harsh when linen is exposed to it every day, build a roof. It allows to protect linen from sun and rain, while increasing the temperature under the roof. Therefore the linen can dry in a quicker way while being protected.

Take  care to maintain a good ventilation too, as linen would not dry as fast without it, and it may not smell as good ! If you wish to soften the sheets or towels, you can still put them 10 minutes in the electrical dryer afterward. You do not have to do it at high temperature, as the simple fact of being tossed at room temperature is enough to soften it.

At hotel Arbol de Fuego, the solar dryer has been fitted out in an outdoor  courtyard next to the washing machines. Before the courtyard was an open-air area. A roof was installed, and as it is really high the linen is suspended just under it. A wooden hookstick is used to hang and unhang the linen, hung on coat hangers (See the video above for an illustration !).


  • Protect linen from sun rays by building a roof (made of plexiglas for example).
  • Hanging up the washing high in order to save space, using a hookstick to easily reach the coat hangers.

Find more information in the video above, click on the bottom-right icon to activate the subtitles.

visuel sous-titres videos youtube

Translated by Guillaume Rey.

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Equipe des employés de Arbol de Fuego Eco-Hotel Arbol de Fuego Eco-Hotel Hotels & guest houses urbain, zone-chaude El Salvador Yes

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