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Produits d'accueil classiques
Produits d'accueil classiques

Local benefits:

To reduce waste linked to the running of the establishment.

Travellers benefits:

Liquid soap dispensers, in line with the styling of the hotel.


Soap dispensers, saving waste

Many of us remember being a kid (or a grown up !) and collecting the little soaps from the hotels we would stay in with our parents (or friends !).

But that was before!

When it comes to giving an ecolabel to tourist establishments it has to be recognised that most of the waste is represented by the traditional ´welcome products´, with soaps occupying up to 70% of such cases.

On the one hand, there is the individual plastic or paper wrapper that industries are ceasing to use with the modern change in mentalities, on the other hand there are the soaps which are very rarely used in their entirety. Of course it is not these ones that we tend to take home with us but the other, unwrapped ones. Other than the obvious waste for the environment, they are also significant expenses for the hotels.

The answer?

Soap dispensers ! affixed to the wall and usually at the very least of equal quality to that of the smaller wrapped soaps. Also, buying in bulk can give access to higher quality products at reduced prices.

There is no need to worry about the appearance and style of such dispensers: from chic to designer as well as basic, each establishment can find the right ones to suit their style.

Conclusion: No more collecting, no more waste, and money saved!

Translated by : Holly Cooper Chima

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
A Little Eco Lodge rural Myanmar No
A Little Eco Lodge rural Myanmar No
Bienvenue, Domaine du Val Le Domaine du Val Cottages & furnished rentals, Hotels & guest houses rural, mer France No
Vue depuis le lit de la chambre - Tenorio Lodge, Costa Rica Tenorio Lodge Hotels & guest houses rural, zone-chaude Costa Rica Yes
De gauche à droite : Mahery, Justine, Jacques, Véronique, Anne-Sophie Hôtel LeCoq Gadby Hotels & guest houses urbain France Yes
Hopineo United Les Méans Hotels & guest houses rural, montagne France Yes
Mahery in front of Domaine de la Rhonie Domaine de la Rhonie Hotels & guest houses, Restaurants & Co rural, zone-temperee France No
Yachana Lodge, Rio Nap, Ecuador Yachana Lodge Community based tourism, Hotels & guest houses rural, zone-chaude Ecuador Yes
Black Sheep Inn, Chugchilan, Ecuador Black Sheep Inn Ecolodge Hostels, Hotels & guest houses rural, montagne, zone-temperee Ecuador Yes
La Serrana Hostel Hostels, Hotels & guest houses rural, zone-chaude Colombia Yes
Finca Exotica, Ecolodge au Costa Rica Finca Exotica Ecolodge Unusual lodgings rural, mer, zone-chaude Costa Rica Yes
Equipe des employés de Arbol de Fuego Eco-Hotel Arbol de Fuego Eco-Hotel Hotels & guest houses urbain, zone-chaude El Salvador Yes


Nowadays we can find soap dispensers online, here are some examples (France) :

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