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Justine devant le panneau
Justine devant le panneau

Local benefits:

  • Cut cost on your energy bills.
  • Prefer local supplier for the purchase and the installation of the radiators.

Travellers benefits:

Do not worry about turning off your radiators when you open the window or leave the room.

Benefits to the environment:

Reduce the amount of energy consumed.


When someone takes on a pre-existing establishment, it is often quite complicated to change the entire heating system, particularly in old buildings. As such, Florence could not switch to electric radiators without involving large and costly building work.

For the common areas of the bed and breakfast, the chimney gives off heat thanks to small grills which are located in the corridors. In addition to this, Florence has installed Smart Radiators that can detect people’s presence and open windows; which removes the need to turn off the heating when airing or leaving the room because it switches off automatically! Savings are made on energy and money, as well as having one less thing to worry about!

If this kind of installation is not put in place before obtaining the EU Ecolabel, a notice must be put in each room, reminding visitors to turn off the heating when opening the windows.

For the main common room of the establishment, Florence has installed a pellet stove to further control expenditure and energy consumption.

Translated by : Holly Cooper Chima

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