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Sheep’s wool insulation

Isolation en laine de mouton
Isolation en laine de mouton

Local benefits:

Insulate a structure during construction or renovation.

Travellers benefits:

Choose an alternative to mineral insulation: natural’s wool insulation.


Some notions

Sheep’s wool is used both :

  • for thermal insulation than soundproofing.
  • for attics insulation, creepings, floorings, ceilings, or walls.

Please note that it is however recommended to use it for horizontal surfaces than vertical because those last ones need a fixing of the upper part.  

Its great ability to absorb water makes it unsuitable for wet areas and walls, as well as the ground.

Available in rolls, semi-rigid panels or loose, sheep wool is healthy, light, recyclable, easy to install.

Sheep’s wool, unlike preconceptions, do not attract rodents since it has a capacity of retractation that prevents them from settling there. Instead, it is very suitable for the installation of moths. Therefor, a treatment will be needed that can be performed with borax which also improves fungicide holding and fire resistance.


  • Sounproofing between 0,035W/mK and 0,042W/mK
  • Heat resistant up to 5.71 for 20cm thick (knowing that from 5, it’s consider as an excellent insulation). The only better insulator that exists is cork.
  • Rot-proof and hardly inflammable (only from 560°C)
  • No subsidence over the time thanks to the power of compression and elasticity of wool
  • Low impact : 55kWh/m³ (1600kWh/m³ for fiberglass)
  • Extremely good hygrothermal regulation.

What is the cost?

Approximately 2 to 3 times higher than the fiberglass but less than the cotton wool.

The price, however, should not be the only factor in the choice, as sheep wool is much more efficient and durable than fiberglass.

Approximately 30 € / m² to 20cm thick.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Salón del Écolodge des Chartrons L'écolodge des Chartrons Hotels & guest houses urbain France Yes

Learn more

If you breed sheeps, you can save the wool directly after shearing and treat it ourselves.

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