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Floor covering with peach stones

Revêtement en noyaux de pêches
Revêtement en noyaux de pêches

Local benefits:

Low cost covering.

Travellers benefits:

This covering is very aesthetic, comfortable, and arouses curiosity.

Benefits to the environment:

Natural and recycled materials.


At the Auberge des VoyaJoueurs, the terrace floor covering is made out of… crushed peach stones !

A great way to revalue the waste for a very esthetic and comfy result.

Anne-Sophie Hochet, the owner of the place, explain that it is also a way to introduce her responsible approach. Indeed, the visitors, curious about this floor covering, ask question to know what it is. It is a good springboard to explain sustainable tourism at the Auberge des VoyaJoueurs.

We have to admit that you must make a super feast of peach to fill the terrace but why not mix the peach stones with other fruit stones (cherry, mango, apricot,…), let’s be creative !

Revêtements en noyaux de pêches

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Jeux de l'Auberge L'Auberge des VoyaJoueurs Hotels & guest houses rural France No

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