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Re-using rainwater

Local benefits:

Cut costs on water bills and detergents.

Travellers benefits:

No impact for the traveler.

Benefits to the environment:

Water savings, limited natural resource.


Collection of rainwater is usually used for the outdoors (watering…).

However, did you know that we could reuse it through the sanitary facilities?

The installation appears to be much easier when constructing a building. Nevertheless, we can always do it, at any time, thanks to a simple and inexpensive system.

Let’s see, in a few figures, why we should re-use rainwater through sanitary facilities

  • Flushes represent 20 to 30% of water consumption, which means 45L per day and per person.
  • Water consumption per day and per person increased from 7 to 150L within a century.
  • As there is no limestone in the rainwater, we save 50% detergent.

Warning :

You must pay attention to the regulatory and legal burdens.

It is strictly forbidden to reuse rainwater for food or hygienic usages in France.

Translated from French by : Laure Pichon.

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Solar Hotel Hotels & guest houses urbain France No

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