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Responsible welcome booklet

Politique environnementale
Politique environnementale

Local benefits:

To inform and involve each person in the eco-responsible actions of the establishment.

Travellers benefits:

Make available a welcome booklet exhibiting the different eco-responsible steps undertaken by the accomodation.


The welcome booklet: information, education, awareness

Compulsory for eco-labelled establishments and often present in businesses that are committed to sustainable development, the welcome booklet is made available in bedrooms or in the entrance hall.

It presents all of the good practices and responsible commitments of the establishment to travellers, enabling them to contribute. It can also add details of the continual improvement strategy, future projects…

Florence, at the Bruyères d’Erquy, has added some humour with a comic strip, guaranteed to attract the wider audience and share the message with ease!

At the B&B Les Terres Blanches, in the Alps, the authors have gone as far as presenting their improvement plans including details of implementation.

Translated from French by Holly Cooper Chima.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Entrez Chez Delphy Chez Delphy - bed and breakfast - Accra Hotels & guest houses urbain, zone-chaude Ghana Yes

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Most responsible tourism titles recommend and impose this type of booklet.

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