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Resort to an ESAT


Local benefits:

To recognise the value of the hotel’s waste

Travellers benefits:

Compost organic waste, refer to a local ‘ESAT’ for the maintenance of the exterior grounds.


Multi-channel waste management

To respond to the many problems associated with waste management, it is necessary to have multiple devices in place. The Lecoq-Gadby hotel is a good example:

  • The placement of selective recycling at a collection point on the street that adjoins the establishment.
  • Using organic waste to create compost, which can be used in the garden.
  • And finally, for plant wastes that derive from the garden, the ESAT (establishment that provides work aid) that looks after the green spaces of the hotel collects them to have them valued.

This way, the hotel is socially responsible (by using the ESAT), aids in local development (by creating jobs for a local structure) and values waste.

What is an ESAT?

An ESAT is not a business but a structure that offers workers who are handicapped professional activities and social, medical and educational support. It welcomes workers who are handicapped whose work capabilities prevents them from being able to work in neither a normal or adapted business.

Translated from French by : Holly Cooper Chima

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