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Replant each tree cut

Mayan Secret Hotel Chetumal
Mayan Secret Hotel Chetumal

Local benefits:

Not to impact the environment and think about future generations.


Simple and obvious, but you have to think about it!

In a perfect world, the best would be to do not cut trees… But it is sometimes the only option to be able to develop a nice ecotourism project. How to limit consequences ?

  • Replant a tree for each tree you cut during the building of your hotel, for example.
  • Also, do  not replant any kind of tree, but choose a local specie respecting the region’s flora and it will be even better !

Before Rosa started building her little hotel complex, her 8-hectares land was only wild nature. The transformation and development of the space implied cutting a certain number of trees. By replanting (almost) as many trees, its ecological print is therefore reduced.

Translated from French by Guillaume Rey.

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Think about it during the construction phase.

Think about long term. The hotel guests-to-be will be glad to enjoy a green environment.

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