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Red cedar, construction wood

Vista desde los aseos secos Hopineo
Vista desde los aseos secos Hopineo

Local benefits:

Rot-proof and resistant.

Travellers benefits:

Aesthetics and untreated (= healthy environment).

Benefits to the environment:

No need for pollutant chemical treatment.


The red cedars

The red cedar, from North America, is weel known for its durability and so is used a lot for outside facings and for wood houses. Imported in Europe for some time now, this tree grows fast and has great technical and environmental qualities. Indeed, the red cedar is renowned rotproof ! It naturaly withstands to mushrooms and to bad weather so it doesn’t need chemical treatment.

Light, soft, with a slight graining, this variety is considered as one of the most lasting wood, mostly as an outside use.

Its color, from salmon to dark chocolate and its natural capacity of preservation doesn’t rule out an aesthetics treatment (paint, lasure, tint), according to everyone’s tastes.

Source : http://www.caue50.fr/actu/ricochet/ric9/doss9.html

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
La cabane tonneau au Coup de Canon Cabanes de Canon Unusual lodgings rural, mer France No

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