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Recycling egg whites into meringues

Recyclage pâtissier
Recyclage pâtissier

Local benefits:

  • Save on the purchase of raw ingredients.
  • Possible additional profit center.

Travellers benefits:

Great homemade products.

Benefits to the environment:

Less waste.


Recycling pastry, from abandoned egg whites into meringues

What to do with egg whites, often thrown away when you make “crème brulée”? Indeed, most of the time they are discarded because only the yellow of the eggs is used for most pastries.

The answer: take your egg whites, add sugar, beat everything and drag the dough in a plastic bag or a nozzle, “draw” your meringues, put them in the oven and presto! voila!

Serge Ampoulange, owner of Domaine de la Rhonie, explains it all in the video…

Meringues thus produced can be used both to decorate the coffee or the dessert of your customers in the restaurant.

Necessary ingredients and supplies:

  • egg whites, sugar.
  • silicone or plastic bag with a nozzle.
  • small plastic or recycled paper bag (with a transparent window, it looks better!).
  • a little bit of time.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Mahery in front of Domaine de la Rhonie Domaine de la Rhonie Hotels & guest houses, Restaurants & Co rural, zone-temperee France No

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