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Recycled tire bin

Cesto de basura hecho con llanta
Llanta reciclada
Cesto de basura hecho con llanta
Llanta reciclada

Local benefits:

Furnish the structure of containers for waste.

Travellers benefits:

Use recycled tire as bin.


The tire, such a story!

In 1887, it is a veterinarian, Mr. John Boyd Dunlop, who invented the tire; but it was a French in 1830, who dressed for the first time a vehicle wheel with rubber bands.

Today, more than 200 materials are used in the manufacture of a tire. It’s carbon footprint is high.

To counteract, a solution is recycling.

And what could be more consistent than using recycled material for trash sorting?

At the Ecolodge Chartrons Véronique Daudin has chosen to equip her accomodation with this item useful, eco-friendly and design.

DIY – Do It Yourself

Pneu en DIY

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
La Casa de Nery, La Ceiba, Honduras La Casa de Nery Hotels & guest houses urbain, mer, zone-chaude Honduras Yes
Salón del Écolodge des Chartrons L'écolodge des Chartrons Hotels & guest houses urbain France Yes


  • Greenweez.com – 12,31€TTC (target price – August 2014)
  • Naturiou.fr – 29,90€TTC (target price – August 2014)

Learn more

  • You can also do it yourself (see bottom of article).
  • Recycled tires can also be used for a whole bunch of other objects (planter, swing, umbrella stands, seats, …)

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