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Soap recycling

Produits d'accueil classiques
Produits d'accueil classiques

Local benefits:

Reuse the tablets of soap that are used as a welcome product in hospitality and that is often use only partially.

Travellers benefits:

The tablets of soap are crushed directly at the hotel. Then they are mixed with detergent, that enables a 10% reduction of the consumption of detergent, and as much savings.


Detergent savings thanks to tablets of soap!

It’s during an unexpected stop at the Puy-en-Velay that we exchanged words with the owner of the Dyke Hotel, located on one of the main streets of the city. In this charming 15-room hotel, the owner does all the laundry herself. Bingo ! It’s a additional good practive for Hopineo.org. She is still giving her clients little tablets of soap because cannot afford the investment for the soap dispensers for now.

However, as those tablets are never entirely used, she decided to recycle them ! She puts them in a crusher (usual kitchen grinder, that you can find easily and pretty cheap), then she mixes the obtained powder with the classical detergent. Warning ! Do not exceed 10% of the total amount of detergent ; otherwise, it will foam too much and it can be damadgefull for the washing machine. Minus 10% of detergent, it’s also 10% savings on the costs of the laundry !

Other possibility to recycle the soaps remains : make new ones ! For this, tou need a pan, and a baking pan (that will be the shape for the new soap).

The recipe is easy : put the small pieces of soap in a pan, add a little water (and if you like, some essential oil), cover, and let it melt on a low heat. Then put the liquid soap in the baking pan and wait for it to dry to turn it out !

And here you are, with your new soaps !

And last but not least, you can also give your used soaps remains to Global Soap Project which will recycle them.

NB : the best to avoid all this it to use soap dispensers. The savings on the products (bulk is less expensive) and on the waste management (waste divided by 10), are even bigger than for the tablet of soap recycling. Nevertheless, this is a great solution for those who cannot afford the soap dispensers.


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