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Pure wool bedding


Local benefits:

Provide customers a comfortable bedding.

Travellers benefits:

Wool bedding for an optimal comfort and environmental friendliness as an alternative to synthetic.


Wool bedding provides softness, comfy and healthy heat. Wool is a natural fiber, which has great qualities (also adaptable to insulation): swelling, insulating and regulating moisture. At Le Nid des Anges, Valery uses Ardelaine products, a cooperative located 70km from his accomodation, to promote local development. Thus, mattress, mattress topper, and duvet are pure wool. The sheets are made ​​from organic cotton and pillows are filled with spelt ball.


Wool is a self-cleaning fiber. Aerated regularly, protected in a cover, bedding retains all its qualities for long. Indeed, the pure wool bedding can last more than 10 years!


Count about 200 € for a pure wool duvet, about 50 € for a mattress topper, a hundred euros for a pillow, and about 250 € for a set of complete bed linen.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Le Nid des Anges Le Nid des Anges Cottages & furnished rentals rural France No


Ardelaine (Saint Pierreville, Ardèche) | contact Nathalie Tironneau | +33 (0)4 75 66 63 08

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