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Promote Natural National Parks

Parcs Nationaux Naturels
Parcs Nationaux Naturels

Local benefits:

National parks are important eco-tourist attractions, helping local economic development.

Travellers benefits:

Easily find all the information on natural national parks at the hotel.

Benefits to the environment:

Participate in the conservation of biodiversity.


Promote natural national parks of your area to travelers

Discover the advice of Lincoln, Ecotourism Coordinator at the National Natural Park of Utría, Colombia, in the video above:

“What hoteliers can do is first to have knowledge about what protected parks are located in their area. They can help to raise-awareness of their guests about the importance of having a responsible behavior inside and outside the protected area. Secondly they can promote the services of qualified staff to provide orientation, to share the knowledge and in order to provide incomes to local communities and taking active part to biodiversity conservation.”


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