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Plastic Ecological Bricks

Plastic Bottles with Lucho - Mano Cambiada
Plastic Bottles with Lucho - Mano Cambiada

Local benefits:

Gather each travellers plastic waste in a plastic water bottle, in order to reduce pollution.

Travellers benefits:

Sensibilise travellers to the number of waste they can produce. This initiative also forces travellers to reuse their own wastes and travel with them.

Benefits to the environment:

Regrouping wastes in a unique packaging allows for reducing the pollution issued by tourists during their travels. Using plastic waste to build cheap and durable buildings.


Make travellers participate in the transportation of their plastic  wastes in the form of “ecological bricks”

The Mano Cambiada lodge is located in the heart of the Utría National Park, in the Chocó Pacific of Colombia region, 1h away from Nuquí or Bahia Solano, where are located all of the airports allowing access to the region (there are no roads joining Chocó Pacifique to the rest of Colombia).

In this region, no systems are yet put into place to collect or recycle wastes. The local communities must burn or burry their wastes on the beach…

The solution found by Mano Cambiada at the moment is to:

1. Reduce to a maximum the production of non-organic wastes.

2. Buy drinks packaged in recyclable glass.

3. Refill plastic water bottles (still available for sale in the area) with other plastic wastes.

4. Offer travellers to participate in transporting these eco-bricks to the airports of Medellín or Bogotá where there is a system of waste collection available.

This is not the ideal solution, but in the absence of other efficient solutions, it allows to reduce the environmental impact on the natural environment of the Utría National Park.

These re-used plastic water bottles are also named “eco-bricks” and used to build new buildings (like at  Totoco Ecolodge in Nicaragua).

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