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Le poêle à granulés
Le poêle à granulés

Local benefits:

To heat rooms of variable size, minimizing energy consumption per year

Travellers benefits:

The use of a pellet stove.


How to heat rooms of 20, 50, 100 or 200 square meters in an energy efficient way?

The pellet stove is an excellent alternative to electric heating, which has a heavy consumption in energy.

It is known as the modern, practical and efficient version of the traditional wood stove. Effectively, the pellets provide inarguable advantages:

  • No more sweeping up wood parts.
  • Sold in a variety of weights, making it an accessible means for more people.
  • Lasts up to a few days.
  • Manageable temperature.
  • Low maintenance: no accumulation of dirt

But, what are those pellets?

The pellets are simply compressed pieces of wood. The smoke produced does in fact emit CO2 but almost 4 times less than electricity (33g of CO2 against 180).

Additionally, this type of wood heating system is eligible for tax rebates (in France : 15% for this type of stove + 25% in work packages), which makes for even more savings!

According to Hervé, director of Chalet Les Blancs at the Pra Loup resort, his stoves have been paid for themselves over two years: low maintenance + low cost consumables.

One of the only ecological and economical limitiations is the local production of these materials. It would be a terrible idea to bring the pellets over from the other side of France, but more and more regions have begun producing in sight of this growing market…

Translated from French by Holly Cooper Chima.

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Learn more

  • More information on pellet stoves on UFC Que Choisir (in French), aimed at private purchases but useful as inspiration for professionals.
  • To find out which heating systems are best suited to your rooms, click here (in French).

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carrément , rien de plus interessant au niveau chauffage que le poele à pellets , il n’y a même plus à le comparer au gaz ni au fioul

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