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Ozone Water Treatment System

Traitement de l'Eau à l'Ozone
Traitement de l'Eau à l'Ozone

Local benefits:

After the initial investment, very low maintenance cost (ozone is in the air, no need to add chemicals), and drinking water at will throughout the lodge. It allows also to wash clothes/sheets/towels with this water which is better for textile than water purified with chlorine.

Travellers benefits:

Drinking water that tastes good, even in the most isolated regions, and much more pure than water purified with chlorine.

Benefits to the environment:

Avoid plastic water bottles (reduce plastic waste).


Ozone Water Treatment System

Learn how to treat water with ozone (rather than chlorine) can be a great solution for your hotel through the explanation of Douglas McMeekin, Founder Yachana Lodge & Foundation, Napo River, Amazon, Ecuador. All information in detail in the video above.

Seen at

Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Yachana Lodge, Rio Nap, Ecuador Yachana Lodge Community based tourism, Hotels & guest houses rural, zone-chaude Ecuador Yes

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