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Organic garden

Le herbs garden du Brèvedent
Le herbs garden du Brèvedent

Local benefits:

To provide customers local and organic products

Travellers benefits:

To implement an organic garden


Nothing could be easier than doing an organic garden especially if you are already involved in an ecological approach.

Here are the steps:

  • Select your seeds according to the season, luminosity of the location, the humidity and the drainage in your garden. You can ask to some market gardeners or to some people from the local market. They will give you some tips with pleasure!
  • Get your ground ready: weed, better by hand or with some smooth solutions and non chemical (salted water and sodium bicarbonate for example). A mulch made of dry grass cuttings, dead leaves will be a good protection for your ground.
  • Scatter the compost then plant the seeds and the plants, respecting the instructions given with the seeds.
  • Optimize the watering: Water in the morning (in order to avoid too much evaporation) with some rain water you harvested thanks to the water butt. Depending of the humidity rate, once or twice a week should be enough.
  • Weed and protect the plants from the pests (pay attention that some of them are usefull to protect the ecosystem of your organic vegetable garden): use some organic fertiliser and some natural weapons (garlic in sray, bacillius thuringiensis, horticultural oil, insecticidal soap,…)

And … voila !

Translated from French by : Louis Courtaigne.

Seen at

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A Little Eco Lodge rural Myanmar No
A Little Eco Lodge rural Myanmar No
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Welcome, bienvenue @Escape3Points Escape 3 Points - Paradise in Ghana Hôtels et chambres d'hôtes rural, mer, zone-chaude Ghana Yes
Welcome, bienvenue @Escape3Points Escape 3 Points - Paraíso en Ghana Hoteles y habitaciones rural, mer, zone-chaude Ghana Yes
La Source aux Lamantins, Pannel La Source Aux Lamantins Hotels & guest houses, Restaurants & Co rural, mer, zone-chaude Senegal Yes
Bienvenue, Domaine du Val Le Domaine du Val Cottages & furnished rentals, Hotels & guest houses rural, mer France No
Rio Muchacho Ferme Biologique & Ecolodge Activities, Campings, Hostels, Hotels & guest houses, Restaurants & Co rural, zone-chaude Ecuador Yes
le Gîte Chant de l'Eau, au Sappey-en-Chartreuse Le Chant de l'Eau Hotels & guest houses montagne France Yes
La terraza del desayuno al Clos des Capitelles Le Clos des Capitelles Hotels & guest houses urbain France No
L'étrier des Cabanelles L'étrier des Cabanelles Activities rural France No
La Borderie de la Marchaizière Borderie de la Marchaizière Hotels & guest houses rural France Yes
Bienvenu à La Ville Heleuc Domaine de la Ville Heleuc Cottages & furnished rentals rural, zone-temperee France Yes
La cabane tonneau au Coup de Canon Cabanes de Canon Unusual lodgings rural, mer France No


  • Local markets
  • Organis seeds

Learn more

  • Open your organic garden in self service as Castel Camping Le Brèvedent with its “herbs garden”or as Domaine de la Ville Heleuc. Then, your clients will be able to enjoy some fresh products and raise awareness among them to the management of an organic garden.
  • If you have too many products (lucky you!), freeze them!

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