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Olle Grandma Homestay

Local benefits:

Helping the local elderly community by providing income and helping with marketing.

Travellers benefits:

Provides comfortable and authentic lodging for hikers.


The Jeju Olle Foundation is known for the creation of 21 trails surrounding the island of Jeju, giving hikers the opportunity to discover the island in a unique way.

In order to respond to the lack of lodging along the trails, the Foundation started searching for efficient and low-budget solutions other than campings.

While meeting with the local villagers, Jeju Olle realized that many elderlies have an extra room to offer to the hikers, but little knowledge to sell their lodging. The Foundation therefore decided to create a new system, the Grandma HomeStays, which promotes these lodgings and their respective owners. Flyers are offered to hikers, and the HomeStays are promoted on the Foundation’s website.

These Grandma’s have the reputation to welcome guests as part of the family, with fresh cooked meals and outstanding stories! Isn’t this the best stop to meet the locals in total comfort?

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