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Notice of good practices

Bonnes pratiques pour un tourisme responsable
Bonnes pratiques pour un tourisme responsable

Local benefits:

To inform tourists of the good practices of the hotel & reduce energy costs.

Travellers benefits:

Notice boards placed in the rooms on the usage of towels, lights, heating…


Accommodations bearing the EU Ecolabel are under a kind of obligation to have notices in the rooms explaining, for example:

  • How the heating works: how the buttons work and reminders such as ´do not leave the heating on whilst windows are open or when leaving the room´.
  • The towel changing system of the hotel, as well as robes and bedding: to remove and leave on the floor if the client wishes them to be changed.
  • Reminders not to leave the lights on when leaving the room.
  • Suggestions on how to save water.

These notices, as common sense reminders and suggestions, have reduced the energy costs of the accomodations that use them. They contribute immensely towards creating awareness for travellers on sustainable tourism and development, as well as allowing them, if needed, to continue these simple and useful good practices at home.

The tone and expression of these notices can vary, which brings manager and client closer together by reaffirming and outlining their positioning, whichever it may be.

Translated by : Holly Copper Chima

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Name Type of facility Environment Country Swap?
Welcome, bienvenue @Escape3Points Escape 3 Points - Paradise in Ghana Hotels & guest houses rural, mer, zone-chaude Ghana Yes
Welcome, bienvenue @Escape3Points Escape 3 Points - Paradise in Ghana Hôtels et chambres d'hôtes rural, mer, zone-chaude Ghana Yes
Welcome, bienvenue @Escape3Points Escape 3 Points - Paraíso en Ghana Hoteles y habitaciones rural, mer, zone-chaude Ghana Yes

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